The Tasmanian Regional Aboriginal Communities Alliance (TRACA) is designed to be inclusive and to support and build the capacity of local community decision-making.

We welcome a broad range of Aboriginal community controlled organisations with different backgrounds and interests.

We seek an environment where there is no assault, challenge or denial of our identity, of who we are and what we need. We welcome shared respect, shared meaning, and shared knowledge and experience. We promote learning together with dignity, truly listening to each other, and being heard.


In particular, TRACA will:

  •  work collaboratively based on mutual respect, resolve and responsibility
  •  represent the views and aspirations of TRACA members on the issues that affect the communities they represent
  • advocate on behalf of members on matters of concern to them
  • reinforce self-determination and empowerment of local representative groups
  • provide a safe and respectful forum for diverse views to be discussed
  • be open, transparent, collaborative and culturally respectful
  • work to improve the cultural, social and economic participation and opportunities for Aboriginal Tasmanians
  • set clear and measurable targets.

A Statement of Intent between the Tasmanian Government and Tasmanian Regional Aboriginal Communities Alliance (TRACA) was signed on December 13, 2017.

The aim is to work collaboratively on a mechanism for mutual engagement and advice.

Both parties believe that full participation of the Aboriginal people of Tasmania requires:

  • full representation of the views and aspirations of Aboriginal people of Tasmania on the issues that affect the communities they represent
  • local representative groups across Tasmania being supported to work together to reinforce Aboriginal led empowerment
  • positive recognition of the unique contribution of Aboriginal culture to Australian life
  • commitment from the Tasmanian Government to engage and consider local views on matters that affect them.

The Tasmanian Government is prepared to:

  • ensure that where government policy is developed on Aboriginal issues all stakeholders are given full opportunities for participation and consultation
  • engage with Aboriginal groups to enhance its policy advice, including advice on legislative reforms that support Aboriginal policy
  • show leadership and identify, in consultation with local representative groups, initiatives that can address and provide positive responses to racism
  • model meaningful engagement at the local level that will increase the capacity of Aborigines in Tasmania to equally participate in the life and business of Tasmania.

The value of collaboration as a means of achieving the outcomes described above involves:

  • each organisation bringing to the collaboration equal and valid knowledge, experience and perspectives
  • open and honest communication between the signatories and stakeholders
  • working proactively on agreed areas of collaboration for the period of this agreement.

A Statement of Intent was signed between TRACA and the Tasmanian Labor Party on 7thFebruary 2018 .