Premier Hodgman’s resignation


The Tasmanian Regional Aboriginal Communities Alliance (TRACA) Members represent Aboriginal people from all over Tasmania and bring together regional voices to provide opportunities for their views, needs and aspirations to be heard and considered.

The Tasmanian Regional Aboriginal Communities Alliance (TRACA) wish to acknowledge the good work of Premier Hodgman in resetting the relationship with Aboriginal Tasmanians across the State.  We value his leadership that has embedded fairness and equity into policy development.

The Premier’s work has addressed issues of concern to many in the communities in providing mechanisms to ensure ALL Tasmanian Aborigines have an opportunity to be engaged on issues that matter to them.

Since his 2016 Australia Day address 2016_australia_day_address where the Premier made a commitment to resetting the government’s relationships with Aboriginal Tasmanians, he has shown integrity and goodwill in addressing issues that are often complex and fraught.  His work has started to address the internal oppression that exists across Tasmania providing space for local Aboriginal communities to speak for themselves.

TRACA Co-Chairs Patsy Cameron and Rodney Dillon wish to acknowledge and thank the Premier on behalf of all TRACA members and wish him well in the next chapter of his life.  “Will has been instrumental in providing a space for all Tasmanian Aborigines to be consulted and engaged, the journey continues and we look forward to working with the new Premier to continue to advance this important work”.

TRACA Co-Chairs