Revised Dual Naming Policy – good news for Tasmania


Tasmanian Regional Aboriginal Communities Alliance (TRACA) were delighted to read the revised policy for Aboriginal and Dual Naming released yesterday.

TRACA Members represent Aboriginal people from all over Tasmania and brings together voices from regional communities.

The revised policy ensures all Aboriginal communities can have a say about place nomination in their areas.

TRACA Chair Rodney Dillon said: “We congratulate the State Government announcement on involving local Aboriginal communities to make their own decisions about dual naming in their areas. This is true self determination that we have been calling on for many years.”

Assigning Aboriginal and dual names is an important way to acknowledge Tasmanian Aboriginals deep connection between people and place.   

The Premier and his Minister have shown courage and commitment as part of their Resetting the Relationship in the review of this policy.

Patsy Cameron Co-Chair said: “We are thrilled that this policy will at last ensure each of us feel empowered to be able to name features and places that reflect and respect local community groups”.